'Beauty and the Beast' prequel 'is going to happen,' says Luke Evans.

 'Beauty and the Beast' prequel 'is going to happen,' says Luke Evans. 

'Beauty and the Beast' prequel 'is going to happen,' says Luke Evans.

Gad explained that the financial cost of the show was one of the major reasons for the constant delays.

"When you're doing something as big and ambitious as a 'Beauty and the Beast' prequel, and you get to play with the crown jewels, it's going to be an expensive undertaking," Gad told Collider.

"There are ways we can tell this story and live up to the promise of what it can be while also not breaking the bank."

Luke Evans assured fans on Thursday that the Gaston and LeFou prequel to "Beauty and the Beast" is still in the works and has only been postponed.

"It has been halted. We just want to make sure it's the best it can be, and if that means waiting a little longer to fine-tune certain parts of it, that's what we'll do because this is a very important legacy," the "Pinocchio" actor told Entertainment Weekly.

"We want to honor these characters by telling the best story we can." Evans, 43, added, "It's just on hold." “It is gonna happen. We're ecstatic about it. It will happen at some point in the near future."

The prequel would tell the story of how LeFou and Gaston met.

Both Josh Gad, 41, and Evans will reprise their roles as LeFou and Gaston, respectively, from the 2017 live-action film starring Emma Watson.

"It's been a thrilling experience to navigate a story of those two people as well as new characters, and then bring them right up to the moment where you meet them in the movie," Evans said.

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