55 Websites and Apps for Making Money

 55 Websites and Apps for Making Money

55 Websites and Apps for Making Money

Even individuals with respectable salaries occasionally might use a little additional cash. Perhaps it's to fund your retirement, take a dream vacation, or pay off debt. Without a doubt, the increasing digitization of our world has made it simpler than ever to make money online. But where do you begin when there are so many options?

Owed - Owed

Here are 55 legitimate websites and apps for producing money. They differ in skills and interests in addition to freedom and earning possibilities. They were ranked from lowest to maximum effort, albeit they weren't in any specific order.

Get Paid to Use Your Home and Vehicles

Have a car or spare rusting away in the garage? What if they did all the work and made money for you?

One. Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the most well-liked ways to generate income from your home. It enables you to market a spare room, a guesthouse in your backyard, or a second home to potential visitors. Naturally, you have complete discretion over where and when you rent out the property you own.

The typical Airbnb host in North America will make $41,026 as of 2021. Your earnings will, however, be influenced by where you live and the property you are selling. For instance, renting out a single room in your home with shared amenities won't bring in as much money as finishing a basement with a separate entrance, bathroom, and kitchen. However, renting out a complete house is necessary if you really want to make money.

The neighbor

Do you have a closet-like storage space in your house? Or perhaps a vacant garage or storage building? As an alternative to Airbnb, Neighbor.Com might be used to rent out this space. But it's storage space rather than a spare room or house.

You are free to choose your own rates. You'll then get a debit card or a direct deposit at the end of the month. Just keep in mind that using Neighbor.Com will result in processing fees of 4.9% of the total reservation plus $0.30 for each payout.

3. Turo

By renting out a car that you don't use frequently through Turo, you can make extra cash.

On this website, automobile owners may make up to $600 per month by letting tourists drive their vehicles. You must meet the insurance and upkeep criteria, have a car with fewer than 130,000 miles on it, and more in order to borrow one. However, there are exclusions for vintage or specialized automobiles.

Turo screens visitors and provides insurance as a safeguard. As an alternative, you can drop off your car at the airport or meet your driver there.

Fluid Truck 4.

On Fluid Truck, you can rent out your truck to borrowers for a fee if it was manufactured in 2001 or later.

A typical pickup truck may make $10,000 annually. A 20-foot or bigger box truck, meanwhile, can bring in up to $20,040 annually.

Along with giving truck owners insurance cover, Fluid Market thoroughly screens its borrowers before granting them access to your vehicle.

5. Outside-y

It's presumably waiting for its next adventure unless you're an RV owner and live a nomadic lifestyle. If so, you can list your RV to make some additional money; the website claims you can earn up to $50,000 per year doing so.

You may set the pricing and schedule, much like the aforementioned platforms. Every rental also comes with free roadside assistance and $1 million in liability insurance. And within 24 to 48 hours of the trip's departure, the money is put into your bank account.

Wrapify 6.

This service turns your car into a moving billboard without harming the paint job. According to the statements made on the website, you can anticipate making between $196 and $452 each month. Just decide if you want to go full, half, or light.

Many of Wrapify's customers are well-known figures. The website however point out that some automobiles are challenging to wrap advertisements around. For instance, it is incompatible with soft-top convertibles, PT Cruisers, HHRs, VW Beetles, Hummers, Wranglers, and PT Cruisers. It also does not encompass vehicles like motorcycles and RVs.

To make money, walk, read, shop, and just be yourself.

You can get compensated for chores you currently perform on a daily basis using these applications. Better still? Some of these apps can help you develop better habits while generating passive revenue.

Seven. HealthyWage

With HealthyWage, you can wager money on reducing weight in a specific amount of time. It is crucial to remember that your weight must be confirmed. You can do this by sending a video or by having a HealthyWage "referee" observe you doing it remotely. If you achieve the desired weight loss, you not only receive the reward money but also the money you wagered.

What if you fail to shed the pounds? You don't actually win any money, therefore. You consequently lose your wager.

Your winnings will vary depending on how much you bet and whether you are successful in losing weight. In other words, if you use HealthyWage carelessly, you can lose more money than weight.

Sweatcoin 8.

For people who enjoy being active outside, Sweatcoin is ideal. This app tracks and validates your outside steps using the accelerometers and GPS position of your phone. In other words, you will earn money or Sweatcoins for each step you take.

Seriously. Is there a greater combination than earning money and maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

9. My Achieve

The MyAchievement app rewards you for keeping track of your activity level, sleep quality, and caloric intake. Be informed that the corporation collaborates with healthcare organizations for market research.

You will receive $10 for every 10,000 points you accumulate. One point for one step does not exist, which is a drawback. As a result, it can take some time for you to reach 10,000 points. In actuality, you are able to earn up to 80 points per day.

HoneyGrain 10.

With Honeygain, you may use your Internet access to generate passive income. You can utilize as many devices as you like, and Honeygain uses as much of your Internet bandwidth as you like for quick activities.

Since Honeygain operates in the background without your knowledge, your personal information is never disclosed to it. Despite what their website claims, the majority of users claim to make considerably less than $55 a month from the service.

Operating systems for macOS, Windows, Android, and Linux are all compatible with the program. You even receive $5 just for signing up.

Market Force 11.

You may test out goods and services for grocers, eateries, pharmacies, and even convenience stores at gas stations with Market Force.

The coolest job, though, is "theater checker." The movie studios and theaters are interested in seeing how many people purchased tickets on the first day, which screen times are popular, and what previews are showing beforehand. In addition, completing these chores earns you a free movie. The pay is really nice, ranging from $10 to $20 per hour.

NPD Mobile Panel 12.

Do you know the business that monitors TV ratings? They also claim to be interested in tracking the popularity of websites and internet videos. The website for Nielsen states:

"We assess the typical activity of your phone, tablet, or other mobile device using Nielsen's own applications and profiles in order to provide accurate statistics to the mobile industry. All transferred data is anonymized and encrypted. That's it! All you have to do is download the Nielsen Mobile App or, depending on your device, install our profile, and then use your mobile device as usual. The Nielsen Mobile software is undetectable and has no impact on the functionality or battery life of your smartphone."

Here's the skinny:

You will receive $50 annually in exchange for keeping Nielsen's app on your phone.

They will provide you details on how to get the app after you register. You'll be prompted to restart your device after the installation is finished.

As a participant in the Nielsen Mobile Panel, you might receive up to $50 per year for using your phone as you normally would.

13. MyPoints You can get cashback on your purchases by using the MyPoints app. The business additionally provides coupons for Apple, Target, and Groupon in addition to Amazon, Walmart, and other merchants.

Look for discount codes on their website after signing up. If you make purchases at any of the 2,000 participating stores, you'll get your rewards via PayPal or a selection of gift cards.

Fetch Rewards 14.

You can earn points for incentives by taking pictures of your receipts from restaurants and retail establishments. However, digital gift cards will most frequently be employed. It should be simple to earn cash back and gift cards once you get in the habit of taking the images.

It's crucial to keep in mind that points lose their validity after 91 days of inactivity on your account.

IBotta 15.

Download iBotta ahead of time to make your shopping journey more lucrative. After purchasing an eligible item, simply take a picture of your receipt to receive instant cashback.

Earn Cash by Completing Surveys, Reviews, Tests, and Micro Jobs

If you spend a lot of time browsing through your phone, these websites and applications can help you generate more money during your downtime online.

These possibilities can improve your social skills by paying you for encounters, even though they won't make you rich.

Swagbucks 16.

With Swagbucks, you may get paid to watch videos, take surveys, shop online, and respond to them. Then you may exchange your points for gift cards or cash back at your preferred merchants.

Basically, your job is to do what you already do online and be paid for it. You can use gift cards from Walmart, Amazon, and other merchants among the others.

Google Opinion Rewards 17.

By providing comments and answering questions, the Google Play Store rewards you with credits that you may use there. The credits can be used to buy games, movies, apps, and other media.

18. Poll Junkie

Despite being a smaller survey aggregator, it offers a fair return on your time. You can exchange the points you earn for PayPal cash or gift cards after completing each survey. By voicing your opinion at Survey Junkie, you can also get paid.

Opinion Outpost 19

Thanks to a clear points system, taking surveys on Option Outpost is simple. You can therefore actually make a little more money with this app than you would with other survey apps. You can also use your earnings to purchase things from Amazon.

FindFocusGroups.Com, page 20

Some focus groups will pay you well if you'll give your opinion on goods or services for an hour or so. I mean, say, $50 or $100.

You might be asked to talk about your favorite businesses for an hour and a half or to respond to inquiries regarding your use of social media. Although some won't be a good fit for you, you can discover focus groups that will pay you for your ideas.

Mistplay 21

fan of video games? You might be able to earn some extra money at Mistplay. You may play games and receive rewards on their app.

The app uses gaming statistics and machine learning to suggest the best games to its users. Even better, if you enroll in their loyalty program, you can get paid to play games.

Amazon Mechanical Turk 22.

This site may produce some extra money for those with video, photography, and data entry skills. Despite being brief and paying quickly, micro tasks often only pay a few cents to $50 per assignment.

InboxDollars 23

For extra cash while you're idle, complete surveys, play games, check emails, perform web searches, or view quick movies at InboxDollars. It can take some time to receive a payout, therefore the $5 welcome bonus is beneficial.

PrizeRebel 24

You may start earning PayPal money and Amazon gift cards in just five minutes. Members of PrizeRebel can view movies in addition to completing surveys and offers to increase their point totals.

UserTesting 25.

You can get paid to test different websites and applications by applying to UserTesting and being accepted. You will need to participate in a brief interview in addition to taking the practice test and providing some basic information. Additionally, you'll require a new computer or smartphone.

You can earn $4 for five minutes or $10 for twenty minutes by taking tests. Additionally, you can earn $30 to $120 by participating in live interviews on your experiences with other websites and apps.

Sell used or brand-new items

On Facebook groups, eBay, and Craigslist, people can advertise stuff they own. However, this frequently resembles a full-time job. It's not a problem, however these websites make it simpler to sell your goods.

26. Organize your space

Here you can get rid of outdated phones, tablets, game consoles, CDs, DVDs, games, and books that are only taking up room. Get an immediate offer on the products they wish to sell by just scanning them with your phone. You print a free prepaid label after accepting the offer, then send your items.

Your payment will come in the form of a check or a direct deposit, assuming your package is undamaged. You might be able to get some money if you have an outdated DVD or CD (or cents). However, you might win $100 if you have an ancient smartphone.

27. Mercari Mercari, also known as "The Selling App," makes it simple and practical to sell almost anything without having to physically meet the buyer.

When a buyer purchases your things, you will receive an email with a shipping label. Listing on Mercari is free of charge. But after a sale closes, Mercari charges a flat 10% selling fee.

OfferUp 28

Similar to Craigslist, this mobile marketplace connects local buyers and vendors. It is, however, far safer and more practical. You can advertise items for sale on the OfferUp app (available for iOS and Android) and get messages from potential buyers.

Your private information won't be shared when you bargain with potential purchasers. User reviews, TrueYou identification verification, and the app's recommended meetup places with prescreened meetups all contribute to your feeling comfortable and protected during sales.

Gazelle 29.

Do you own an outdated phone, or any other technology such as an iPad or computer? If so, sell these outdated gadgets for hard cash.

Gazelle will buy your device from you for money. If you agree, packaging supplies will be given. Gazelle covers the shipping charges after getting the cheque, gift card, or money transferred to your PayPal account.

The return might not be that high. However, it's preferable to having an underused equipment degenerate into a mere paperweight. Additionally, selling it is more environmentally friendly than tossing it out.

30. A consignment shop is called Swap Swap. However, it is accessible online.

Used clothing, toys, and games can be sent to Swap, who will sell them on your behalf. According to the website, if the item is $8 or less in price, you can earn 15% cash back and 20% shop credit. In addition to receiving 20% store credit if your item sells for more than $8, you will also earn 70% of the sale price, less a $4.95 processing fee.

Compared to Facebook Marketplace, where you typically have to meet the buyer in person, the process is simpler. All you have to do is assemble your household goods and place them in a pre-paid box.

VarageSale 31

Users of VarageSale can buy and sell items during digital garage sales. An ex-elementary school teacher who was tired of frauds and bogus listings everywhere else founded the company in Toronto. Before a person is permitted to buy or sell, their VarageSale profile is manually verified. Each and every profile is based on a real identity.

Buyers can send messages to vendors to get in touch with them before making a purchase in addition to looking through seller reviews. Users of the app are able to schedule pick-ups, make purchases, and ask questions. VarageSale is used to market a wide range of products, including clothing, furniture, shoes, and more. For members, using the app is also cost-free.

32. Etsy

Another option to sell secondhand goods is on Etsy, particularly if they are vintage. But in addition to craft supplies, it is made expressly to sell homemade or customized goods. With over 60 million consumers in Q2 2020, Etsy was a successful marketplace for online vendors.

The listing cost for each product you sell on Esty is $0.20. Every four months, you should renew your listing, as advised. The cause? If your item doesn't sell, you will be charged an extra $0.20.

The transaction cost is 5% of the price that is visible in addition to the shipping and gift-wrapping fees.

CardSell 33

Do you possess any unspent gift cards? If so, CardSell can buy your gift card for cash or another one. You don't receive the full value of your gift cards from CardSell, either. But it's a quick and free process. And it's preferable than just letting those unused gift cards sit around and lose value.

34. Dreamstime When you become a member of the Dreamstime community, you can sell images, audio files, and video clips.

Blogs, businesses, and people will all be attracted to images and videos with a broad appeal. Look at their featured topics and themes if you need inspiration.

You receive 25–50% of each transaction's revenue, with extras conceivable. Dreamstime only accepts original work that is not objectionable. Why not take advantage of your media abilities if you can use them to earn extra money?

Fatllama 35

Don't want to give up your belongings forever? No issue. On Fat Lama, you may charge whatever you choose to rent out your possessions to people who need them.

You may make between $50 a week and $10,000 a month if you lend your unneeded items for a brief period of time. Additionally, Fatllama exhorts you to participate in your neighborhood. Additionally, it lessens the need for large-scale manufacturing and carbon-intensive distribution methods.

Profit From Investing Apps

When it comes to investing, there is no such thing as a sure thing. In light of this, it's always crucial to read the small print on each website before becoming overly enthused and making a significant financial commitment.

Acorns 36

Your credit or debit card purchases with Acorns are rounded up, and the money is then deposited into a robo-managed account. It's a clever and simple enough idea.

Despite this, there are monthly fees ($1 to $5 each month, depending on how you set things up) that could cancel out the returns on your investments.

37. Improvement

Betterment is one of the most well-known and significant robo-advisors, which should come as no surprise. The app offers expertly managed portfolios that are tuned to your risk tolerance using a variety of ETFs. Betterment portfolios can concentrate on social impact or climate change to be more socially conscious.

This app is for you if you want a professionally managed portfolio and cash management account at a reasonable price.

DiversyFund 38

You need at least $500 to invest in real estate (REIT) funds. the positive news There are no administrative costs.

On the other hand, DiversyFund claims on their FAQ page that you won't receive a return for five years following your investment. If you see any return on your investment, that is.

Wealthbase 39

This is a fairly recent addition to the stock market game scene. However, it might be the easiest-to-use software we've come across for helping you choose stocks while also having fun. If you like, you and your friends can plan games that go on for a few days, a few weeks, or even just one day.

You can choose stocks through the app and engage in social gaming with friends and coworkers. Additionally, no minimum balance is necessary.

Fundrise 40

This online real estate company, similar to DiversyFune, allows regular people to buy commercial and residential properties through an investment platform. So, if money was a concern, this would be a good way to test out real estate investing if you've never done it before.

The down payment is $500. Furthermore, there are charges (an annual management fee of 0.85%, an advising fee of 0.15 percent, and any additional charges that may be necessary based on the amount of your investment).

Earn Cash Driving

Regardless of the work involved, moving items and people from point A to point B is necessary. Despi

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