Wally Cleaver from "Leave It to Beaver" actor Tony Dow is still alive despite representatives confirming his demise

 New: Wally Cleaver from "Leave It to Beaver" actor Tony Dow is still alive despite representatives confirming his demise

Wally Cleaver from "Leave It to Beaver" actor Tony Dow is still alive despite representatives confirming his demise

In the 1980s, Dow made a comeback for the television films "Still the Beaver" and "The New Leave It to Beaver," for which he also wrote one episode and directed five.

While he was still acting, he transitioned into writing, producing, and directing. He was responsible for a number of episodes of "Harry and the Hendersons," "Coach," "Babylon 5," "Honey I Shrunk the Kids," and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."

Following "Leave It to Beaver," Dow made guest appearances on a number of television shows, including "General Hospital," "Mr. Novak," "Never Too Young," "Lassie," "Love, American Style," "Square Pegs," and "The Love Boat," in which he also starred. Additionally, he portrayed himself in the 2003 comedy "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star," which also included other former child performers in cameo roles, and he made an appearance in "The Kentucky Fried Movie," a John Landis skit comedy film.

In his twenties, Dow struggled with depression; to aid others, he produced the self-help DVD "Beating the Blues." Dow later overcame two bouts with cancer. He established a construction business and also turned to sculpture.

His passing was announced on his official Facebook page on Tuesday morning. "We share with you the passing of our dear Tony this morning with the deepest sorrow. The letter from Tony's management team described him as having a "wonderful spirit" who was kind, empathetic, humorous, and humble.

In May, Dow and his wife Lauren revealed that the cancer that he had been previously diagnosed with had come back.

On Facebook, Mathers posted a tribute to Dow with the words, "He was not only my brother on TV, but in many ways in life as well. I will never be able to fill the void Tony has left in my heart. I had the joy and privilege of spending 65 years with him, and he was always the kindest, most giving, gentle, loving, truthful, and modest man.

Dow was born in Hollywood, where his mother worked as a stuntwoman in the early days and Clara Bow's stand-in. He had won the diving competition at the Junior Olympics, but he didn't have much show business experience when he went along with a friend and ended up going to the Wally audition and getting the part. The television show "Leave it to Beaver" debuted in 1957 and continued until 1963. The well-known black-and-white sitcom, which focused on the typical idealized family of the time, followed the exploits of the cheeky young Beaver, his practical brother Wally, their cunning friend Eddie Haskell, and their patient but forgiving parents, who were portrayed by Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont.

The characters were created by the show's creators, Bob Mosher and Joe Connelly, based on their own children. For example, Wally constantly combs his hair, a habit they noticed in their own teenagers. As the program came to a close, Wally was getting ready to start college and Beaver was getting ready to start high school.

He is still alive, contrary to the false announcement that Dow's agents posted on Facebook. After confirming the death with Dow's team, Variety published the obituary in addition to the Facebook post. Variety has contacted his representatives once more for additional comment.

This is a challenging moment, his son Christopher Dow writes in the family's most recent Facebook post. Dad is in his final hours at home, receiving hospice care. Along with numerous friends who have stopped by, my wife and I are by his side. He has a strong will.

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