New: Topanga crash involving Jason Momoa: CHP

Topanga crash involving Jason Momoa: CHP

The California Highway Patrol reported that actor Jason Momoa was operating the vehicle when it collided with the motorcycle in Topanga on Sunday morning. The biker was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Just after 11 a.m., Vitaliy Avagimyan, 21, of Tarzana, California, the other driver, was riding a 2012 Honda when he crossed the center line of Old Topanga Road and "straight into the path of Jason Momoa's car," a 1970 Oldsmobile, according to the CHP in an accident report.


Jason Momoa expresses regret for the images of the Sistine Chapel.

The CHP said, "Mr. Avagimyan was ejected from his motorbike as a result of this incident."

Momoa, 42, asked a passing motorist to dial 911 as he stopped and assisted Avagimyan until an ambulance arrived to take him to Northridge Hospital with "minimal, non-life threatening injuries," according to the report.

Momoa, a well-known actor well recognized for his work in "Game of Thrones" and "Dune," was unharmed.

Call the CHP at 818-888-0890 if you have any information.

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