The new walk-on additions to Oregon's football team for 2022 are listed below.

 The new walk-on additions to Oregon's football team for 2022 are listed below.

You'll see that these lists contain a lot of players from the last ten years. Even one player who is currently listed on the roster is included.

I've gone over the University of Oregon's statistical leaderboards throughout the course of the last week. This has enabled us to evaluate the top players in the history of the program in a number of categories, including passing, running, receiving, and defense.

I'm wrapping up this exercise today by compiling a list of the top special teams at the institution. This article breaks down the team's top punt and kickoff returners as well as the top place kickers and punters at the institution. The team's top lifetime and single-season lists are included for each aspect of the game.

#12 — Kansas City, Missouri, / Missouri State QB Jake Van Dyne, SOPH

Marcus Sanders, FR-QB, is number 16. (Union City, Cali.)

Brison Cobbins, RB (Kansas City, Kan./Missouri Western), is ranked 25th overall.

FR RB Ellish Bynum is number 26. (Portland, Ore.)

Preston Alford, RB, is number 28. (Dripping Springs, Tex.)

Dominic Stephens, a DB, is number 29. (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.)

#31: DB DJ Beckum, SOPH (Ole Miss/Columbus, Miss.)

Rayquan Williams, a DB, is number 38. (Memphis, Tenn.)

#38: Kade Wisher, Jr., WR (Tigard, Ore.)

DB Zach Grisham, a freshman (Portland, Ore.)

#45: Peter Burke, TE, FR (Tualatin, Ore.)

DB Bryce Boetcher, Jr. is number 46. (Eugene, Ore.)

FR LB Elijah Williams is number 47. (Chicago, Illi.)

#62: OL Holden Whipple, rFR (Northern Arizona/Salem, Oregon)

#64: OL Brayden Zolkoske, SOPH (Merced College/Portland, Oregon)

#80 is FR WR Cole Prusia (Tualatin, Ore.)

Michael Jennings, WR, is number 82. (Marin Cali.)

WR Darrian Anderson, FR, number 86. (Waipahu, Haw.)

P Ross James, SOPH. (Brandon, Miss. / East Central CC) is student no. 92.

In approximately ten days, the Ducks' fall football camp will get underway. The start of camp is anticipated for August 5.

The 2022 roster was revealed on Tuesday, and many anticipated scholarship players were added. On the new roster with profiles and their corresponding numbers, there were around six scholarship transfer additions and about twelve new freshman scholarship players.

19 new walk-on players were also included on the updated list. First-year collegiate athletes through upperclassmen from four-year universities make up this group of players.

The recently added walk-on players are listed below:

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