Russia - Sochi Floods Lead to the Proclamation of an Emergency

 New: Russia - Sochi Floods Lead to the Proclamation of an Emergency

Russia - Sochi Floods Lead to the Proclamation of an Emergency

After three days of terrible weather that included heavy rain, flash floods, and landslides, authorities in Sochi, a well-known resort city on the Black Sea in Russia, have declared a state of emergency.

Alexey Kopaygorodsky, the city's mayor, said that 76 mm of rain fell in in one hour. While numerous other rivers rose significantly, the Bzugu River burst its banks.

"The three days of bad rain left devastation all around the city. The predicament is really serious. The worst affected area was in the center. In this area of the resort, there has never been an incident of this size in Sochi's modern history. Work on the emergency recovery is ongoing. The Sochi Mayor stated on July 24 that this was the first duty.

Several dozen individuals were saved from the floods, however one person perished. Social media users posted videos of roaring flood floods carrying cars down streets. At least 60 automobiles sustained significant damage. Around 250 properties affected by the flooding have also undergone damage assessments by officials.

Since June of this year, the area has had multiple flooding incidents. Following significant rain in the nearby mountainous areas on June 24, 2022, the Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) in Krasnodar Krai reported that 2 automobiles were washed away by flash floods in Sochi. As of the late 24th of June, two individuals had been saved, two bodies had been found, and four people were still missing.

Later, EMERCOM reported that on July 11, 2022, 111 houses in the Krasnodar Krai municipality of Slavyansky district were flooded. After receiving 86 mm of rain in an hour during this time, the East Dagomys River in Sochi burst its banks, causing damage to a number of structures.

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