RECAP: Gio van Bronckhorst's Livingston 1 Rangers 2 victory on opening day

 RECAP: Gio van Bronckhorst's Livingston 1 Rangers 2 victory on opening day

RECAP: Gio van Bronckhorst's Livingston 1 Rangers 2 victory on opening day

He was ten years older than her and, like most werewolves, was only interested in people his own age. I didn't exist to Aiden Norwood, the Alpha of the second largest pack in the United States. Leaving aside my high school crush, I knew I was better off that way.

Michelle, my best friend, was determined to find me a "buddy." She'd paired up ahead of time, as was common among unmated wolves before the Haze.

Michelle couldn't understand why I'd turned down three of her brother's friends, all of whom seemed perfectly decent and who'd been blunt that they thought me fit for a good time.


Michelle's voice was almost reverberating in my head. "How come you're always so picky, girl?"

Because the truth was, I was hiding something. I was the only innocent she-wolf in our entire pack at the age of nineteen. I'd been through three seasons, and no matter how insane I got, I never gave in to my carnal desires.

I know. It was very wolfish of me to be concerned with "feelings," but I treasured my innocence. It wasn't so much that I was a prude. There was no such thing in our society. Unlike most girls, however, I refused to settle until I found my soulmate.

I was going to track him down.

I was putting myself aside for him.

He, whoever he is.

I kept sketching the Alpha until I looked up and saw, to my surprise and sudden dread, that he wasn't there.

"It's not bad." A low voice spoke beside me. "However, the eyes could use some work."

I turned to see who was standing right next to me, staring at my sketch...



He looked up before I could catch my breath, and our gazes locked. When I realized I was making direct eye contact, I tensed and looked away. No one in their right mind dared to stare the Alpha down.

My only option was to look away before it was too late, hoping he didn't misinterpret my glance.

"Please forgive me," I said quietly, just to be safe. "You caught me off guard."

"I sincerely apologize," he said. "I apologize for startling you."

That sound. Even when they said the most polite words, they sounded dangerous.

"It's all right," he said. “Really. "I'm not a biter."

I was so close to him that I could reach out and touch him. I raised my eyes and took a look.

He'd never been here before. Not on the riverbank, where I go to draw and relax. You don't see many of our species around here. Why? I'm not sure. Perhaps it's the calm, in a world where we're always expected to be wild. Maybe it's the water, when each of us is on fire within. Or maybe it's just a place I've always thought of as mine.

A hidden location where I am not part of the pack. Where I'm just Sienna Mercer, a self-taught redhead artist of nineteen years old. A seemingly normal young lady.

The Alpha walked toward the water, ignoring the swarm of girls trailing behind him. He appeared to want to be left alone. It piqued my interest. It inspired me to draw him.

Sure, I knew drawing the Alpha was a risk. But how could I say no?

I started outlining him. Aiden was the definition of attractive, standing six feet five, with disheveled jet-black hair and golden-green eyes that seemed to change color every time he turned his head.

I was just getting started on those eyes when he turned around and sniffed.

Mid-pen stroke, I froze. If he saw what I was drawing...

But, to my relief, he returned his gaze to the water, lost in some dark reverie. Even though he was surrounded by others, the Alpha appeared alone. So I drew him by himself.

I'd always admired him from a distance. I'd never come this close before. But now I could see how big his arms were, and how his spine curved to accommodate his transformation. I imagined how quickly he could shift. Bent over, his eyes searching like a feral animal's, he appeared to be halfway there.

Yes, a man. But a werewolf is even more terrifying.

His expression reminded me that the Haze was rapidly approaching. It was that time of year when every werewolf over the age of sixteen went insane. It's that time of year when everyone—and I mean everyone—want the same thing.

Once or twice a year, this erratic hunger, this need, would infect the entire pack. Those who didn't have friends found a temporary partner instead.

In other words, no one over the age of sixteen in the Pack was still innocent.

Looking at Aiden, I wondered if the rumors about him were true. If ignoring the girls and brooding by the riverbank was one of the reasons he was here.

Some claimed Aiden hadn't had a girlfriend in months and that he was withdrawing from everyone.

Since its release, the novel has been driving women insane, and it is expected to be the story of the year. Not only is the novel itself extremely popular, but it is also only available on Galatea.

When the mysterious, unmated alpha of her pack announces a lottery—a chance to dine with him—19-year-old Sienna can't help but fantasize. According to rumors, Aiden Norwood is looking for his mate. Or, at the very least, a mate for the upcoming mating season. However, when Sienna receives her invitation and the alpha stakes a claim on her, her fantasy is shattered. Sienna is determined to find her true mate. And no matter how badly she wants Aiden, she knows he's not the one...

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We've returned and are ready to do it all over again!

The first day of the season gives every club hope that this is a season where trophies can be won and dreams can come true.

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