Rebekah Vardy's libel case against Coleen Rooney over 'Wagatha Christie' is dismissed.

 Rebekah Vardy's libel case against Coleen Rooney over 'Wagatha Christie' is dismissed.

Rebekah Vardy's libel case against Coleen Rooney over 'Wagatha Christie' is dismissed.

The saga began three years ago, when Rooney, the wife of former England footballer Wayne, carried out a "sting" operation to find out who was leaking stories from her private Instagram account to journalists at the Sun. Rooney identified the perpetrator with the now-famous words, "It Was........ Rebekah Vardy's account." " Could the people who have been abusing me and my family please stop now? "The case is closed."

She also expressed her dissatisfaction with the verdict, claiming that the judge "got it wrong."

"This is not the outcome I expected or believed was just. I brought this action to clear my name, and the judge's decision has devastated me.

"The judge agreed that publishing Coleen's post was not in the "public interest," and she also denied her claim that I was the "Secret Wag." But the rest of her judgment was incorrect, and this is something I cannot accept."

Rooney celebrated her victory but stated that she "never thought it should have gone to court."

"It was never a case I sought or desired," she explained. I never thought it should have gone to court at such a high cost during such a difficult time for so many people, when the money could have been far better spent helping others.

"Both before and after my October 2019 social media posts, I made every effort to avoid the need for such a lengthy and public court case." Mrs Vardy rejected all of my attempts to do so."

"As I explained in my evidence, I, my family, and even my unborn baby were subjected to disgusting messages and vile abuse following Coleen's post, and these have continued even during the course of the trial," she pleaded.

The judge was extremely critical of the loss of critical communications. She said it was impossible to believe Watt dropped her phone in the North Sea shortly after a legal request was made to search its WhatsApp messages.

Vardy now faces a significant legal bill as a result of his decision to take the case to trial. In exchange for spending millions of pounds, she will be given a 75-page ruling that describes her evidence as "inconsistent," "evasive," or "implausible."

Vardy's reputation had already suffered during the seven-day trial at London's High Court in May.

Vardy stated in a statement following the verdict that she did not intend to appeal, stating that "the case is over."

Rebekah Vardy's "Wagatha Christie" libel case against Coleen Rooney was dismissed in a dramatic legal defeat, leaving her facing significant legal costs and her reputation in tatters.

Vardy was described as a "untrustworthy witness" who was likely to have purposefully destroyed potentially crucial evidence in a damning high court ruling. Vardy, the judge concluded, most likely collaborated with her agent, Caroline Watt, to leak stories from Rooney's private Instagram account to the Sun, providing tips to tabloid journalists and assisting them with their investigations.

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