Matt Gaetz under fire in the US for "deplorable" body-shaming of a young activist

 New: Matt Gaetz under fire in the US for "deplorable" body-shaming of a young activist

Matt Gaetz under fire in the US for "deplorable" body-shaming of a young activist

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida is under criticism on social media once more, this time for intimidating and body-shaming a young protester.

After he made fat-phobic and misogynistic remarks against abortion rights campaigners to an audience of students on Saturday, Twitter users reminded the controversial 40-year-old Republican that he is under investigation for the alleged sex trafficking of a 17-year-old girl.

Why are the women who have the lowest chance of becoming pregnant the ones who are most concerned about having abortions? When you look like a thumb, nobody wants to get pregnant, Gaetz stated at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida.


These individuals are repulsive on the inside out. They are about 5 feet 2 inches tall and 350 pounds, and they say, "Give me my abortions or I'll march and protest."

Gaetz's remarks provoked a social media outcry.

Olivia Julianna, a Texas teenager who works as a political strategist with Gen-Z for Change, tweeted back, "I'm actually 5'11. 6'4 in heels." I wear them to remind little guys like you of your status.

This tweet appeared to elicit a response from Gaetz, who later quoted a Newsmax piece with the heading "Rant sure to irk his political opponents."


He included a picture of Julianna and commented, "Dander raised..."

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Is Julianna a little too old for Matt, she tweeted in response. Although I am aware of your penchant for picking on teenagers, don't you believe 19 is the tipping point?

She clarified in a subsequent tweet that Gaetz's message did not contain her initial retort to his remarks about abortion rights protesters, in which she had called him a "alleged pedophile."

Julianna tells Newsweek that Gaetz's decision to body shame a teen on social media was "despicable," according to her.

What Gaetz didn't know, according to the woman, is that she had battled eating problems her entire life and was hospitalized in December in part as a result of them.

"I am currently in excellent standing and in good health, managing my diabetes and other chronic conditions that have contributed to my body image difficulties, but if I had not been, this kind of attack might have been catastrophic to my mental health."

"A sitting congressman decided it was appropriate to body shame a youngster," she continues. That is disgusting. Even worse, it has been claimed that the same legislator has sexually harassed youngsters.

If I were Matt Gaetz, I would be more concerned with possible investigations into sexual misconduct and less concerned with adolescent activists.

Gaetz and other Republicans will need to "attack me a lot harder if they want to get rid of me," Julianna continues.

It will be a chilly day in hell when she stops organizing rallies for justice at the request of a Republican, she declares. In addition, if you're going to publicly shame someone for their appearance, you should be prepared to look in the mirror. Matt Gaetz is a creep. It appears that Matty was not taught the proverb about not casting stones at glass houses.

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