I assumed my job was to run,' a long-standing US record, being broken by Lyles. No, you work selling shoes.

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I assumed my job was to run,' a long-standing US record, being broken by Lyles. No, you work selling shoes.

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Noah Lyles tore open his vest like the Incredible Hulk after successfully defending his 200-meter world championship in a time so astounding it shattered Michael Johnson's American record from the 1996 Summer Olympics. Then he turned his attention to a new objective: turning become a major global influencer to aid in the popularization of track and field.

Lyles has the capability, if anyone does. In addition to running 19.31 seconds to become the third-fastest athlete in history over the 200 meters, he also demonstrated once more that he had the character to excel outside of his sport.

Following the women's 200-meter final in Eugene, gold medalist Shericka Jackson was accompanied by Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Dina Asher-Smith.

Asher-Smith wins the 200m bronze medal as Shericka Jackson accelerates like a rocket

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The timing first showed up as 19.32 as the 25-year-old crossed the finish line, matching Johnson's time from the 1996 Olympics. Lyles added, "I didn't want it to say 19.32." "I desired some alone time. Nobody desires to exchange records. I was pleading with it to alter, saying things like, "Come on, don't do this to me."

In response, he remarked, "I recently attended the Met Gala, the US Open, worked on collaborations, and walked the runways at Paris Fashion Week. I don't want to be linked with athletes that compete in track and field. I feel the need to exert influence.

The other athletes were also reminded of the importance of financially supporting their sport. He stated, referring to shoe companies, "People are urged to amp up their social media game." They constantly suggest that you share a link to any contracts you sign on social media. At first, I believed that my duty was to go away. You do sell shoes, that much is true. Additionally, they will pay you more the more you perform.

The outcome was notably better than the Olympics the year prior, when the American men came in last in the individual track competition. After traveling around Tokyo with "a gigantic bullseye" on his back, Lyles asserted that he underwent a metamorphosis of his own.

He said: "I felt like I had found my rhythm again and was once more enjoying the track." I enjoyed just going for a daily run.

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After his victory, Lyles was remarkably candid about his own battles with depression and mental health. When asked why he had the term "Icon" tattooed on his body, Noah Lyles responded, "I want people to be able to claim that I'm an icon. Running rapidly naturally comes with it, but it also has its difficulties and hardships.

To get to Tokyo, I had to overcome a difficulty. It's excellent that we can talk about mental health now because it demonstrates that you can overcome challenges and emerge a little bit stronger. greater than it was before. We all face challenges, but we all overcome them.

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