Hope Solo, a former goalkeeper for the United States, admitted to drunk driving.

 New: Hope Solo, a former goalkeeper for the United States, admitted to drunk driving.

Hope Solo, a former goalkeeper for the United States, admitted to drunk driving.

"I'll keep learning and acquiring new information, tales, and empathy. I see it as a gift to pass it on to others since suffering is eased when it is shared.

The US won two gold medals at the Olympics and a World Cup thanks to Solo, who is regarded as one of the best female goalkeepers to ever play the position. She requested that the event be postponed even though she was supposed to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in late April.

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"Although I'm proud of us, it was really difficult, and I made a serious error. The biggest error I've ever made. I recognize how much of a negative influence drinking had on my life. The benefit of committing such a significant error is that terrible lessons are often learned soon and painfully.

The 40-year-old then thanked her loved ones, pals, supporters, legal team, and the staff at the rehab center. I will continue to learn from these experiences and grow as a person because I am still a student at the best school there is, she said. Please think about making a regular monthly donation to help us. I'm grateful.

Her lawyer, Chris Clifton, told the Winston-Salem Journal that the charges of misdemeanor child abuse and resisting arrest had been voluntarily dropped.

According to the newspaper, Solo received a 24 month suspended sentence and a 30 day active term from Forsyth District Judge Victoria Roemer. For the period she spent in an inpatient rehabilitation center, she received a credit of 30 days.

Hope Solo, a former goalkeeper for the United States, entered a guilty plea to driving while intoxicated and said she was "slowly coming back" following therapy at an inpatient alcohol treatment facility following her arrest in late March.

On March 31, Solo was arrested and charged with misdemeanor child abuse, resisting arrest, and driving while intoxicated in a parking lot in North Carolina. When she was arrested, her two kids were in the car.

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