Chivas fans display their fervor despite losing to Juventus in Las Vegas

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Chivas fans display their fervor despite losing to Juventus in Las Vegas.

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Nearly two hours before start between Juventus and Chivas Guadalajara at Allegiant Stadium, the temperature outside is around 110 degrees.

Simon Garcia appears unconcerned as he works at his grill in Lot C while wearing a blue apron over his red and white Guadalajara jersey and a straw hat accented with a Chivas ribbon. Garcia proclaimed, "We're Chivas." "We must assist the team,"

Garcia, a frequent tailgater at Raiders games, was one of the 31,261 spectators at the 2022 Soccer Champions Tour match between Chivas and Juventus at Allegiant Stadium. Juventus scored goals in the 10th and 80th minutes to win 2-0.

Since 1986, Garcia has been a supporter and has seen them play in Guadalajara, Los Angeles, and even Las Vegas in 2013, when they played Liga MX rivals Club America at Sam Boyd Stadium. The smells of the carne asada he's preparing and the music coming from his truck's radio fill the air as he speaks. Additionally, he has a cooler that is loaded with beer and Gatorade.

He came here dressed in full Chivas garb to display the energy at Allegiant Stadium. Garcia had anticipated that the forthcoming 2026 World Cup, which will be jointly hosted by the United States, Mexico, and Canada, would be held in Las Vegas. Las Vegas was not chosen as one of the 11 American host cities, nevertheless.

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According to Garcia, this is among the top stadiums in all of America. Again, this place should have hosted a World Cup.

Stephanie Rodriguez declared, "He is disowned."

Hernandez doesn't appear overly concerned. If Juventus triumphs today, he claims Arias agreed to purchase his tickets to the El Clasico match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona tomorrow.

Hernandez will see Juventus in person for the first time on Friday, but he's upset he won't get to witness his favorite player, Argentine offensive midfielder Paulo Dybala, who recently left for Roma.

His buddies instantly offer to swap his Juventus jersey with one from Chivas, but Hernandez is adamant that Turin's team would triumph even without Dybala.

But John Rodriguez's devotion to Chivas goes beyond any particular individual. Rodriguez thinks Guadalajara's practice of solely featuring Mexicans makes them exceptionally unique.

"You have to stick with your tradition if it's a team in Mexico," he remarked.

While most of the spectators on Friday wore Chivas jerseys, several Juventus supporters traveled to see their team play. Gabriele Gargano, a Las Vegas native, attended the match on his ninth birthday.

Although Gabriele and his uncle Giovanni Gargano also support Juventus, the majority of Gabriele's family is an Inter Milan fan. About a week ago, Giovanni took a flight from Rome to Las Vegas, mostly to celebrate his nephew's birthday but also to see Juventus.

Gabriele has never seen the 36-time Serie A Champions play live until Friday. When the Garganos landed at Harry Reid International Airport, they attempted to watch Juventus, but it was too crowded. Gabriele was nevertheless anticipating the game, particularly Paul Pogba's World Cup-winning French debut.

He's a good guy, remarked Gabriele Gargano. "That's what the world needs right now."

It didn't take long for the Garganos to receive their reward. A goalmouth scramble allowed Juventus striker Marco Da Graca to slam the ball into the back of the net from close range to give his team an early 1-0 lead just 10 minutes into the contest.

Chivas had a couple opportunities to tie the game, including a deflected free kick from within the penalty area, but Juventus won the game in the dying minutes. Italian midfielder Mattia Compagnon received a deflected shot during a counterattack in the 80th minute. Remaining composed, he fired the ball into the goal from about 15 yards out to give Juventus the victory.

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