Adele will begin residing in Las Vegas in November.

New: Adele will begin residing in Las Vegas in November.

Adele will begin residing in Las Vegas in November.

Adele's residency in Las Vegas will shortly begin. According to new information purportedly leaked by Ticketmaster, the "Weekends with Adele" show will now run from November 18 until February 24. The "Easy on Me" hitmaker had been scheduled to open her "Weekends with Adele" show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace back in January but canceled at the last minute.

"The rumor is that we will be making a booking announcement before the month is over. Because they bet so much money on her contract, this has been a very difficult period for the executive. When the dates are rescheduled, it will be a great relief, "The Sun newspaper cited a source as saying. "No one anticipated the wait to be as protracted as it has been, so it has been nerve-wracking to wait until Adele was prepared. However, she is confident that all the criticism will be forgotten once she takes the stage."

The alleged new dates were reportedly announced just days after it was claimed that the 34-year-old superstar had been inspired to "push forward" with rescheduling her Sin City shows after returning to the stage for two sold-out performances in London's Hyde Park at the beginning of July and hinting that an announcement was on the way.

"Adele enjoyed giving concerts in London, which provided her the motivation to advance with her Vegas residency. In the upcoming weeks, there will be an announcement "One insider stated. "Management have requested a party to announce her return,"

The Grammy Award-winning singer wept as she told her audience in January that she had "done everything" to launch her performance but that COVID had "destroyed" everything. I'm really sorry, but my show ain't ready, she stated in a video posted to her social media accounts.

The mother of one complained, "We've tried absolutely everything to put everything together in time and to make it nice enough for you, but we've been totally wrecked by shipping delays and COVID. "It's been impossible because half of my crew and squad have COVID and are still sick with it."

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